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Careers at Sanlo

We're excited you're exploring joining us! Thanks for taking the time to learn about Sanlo. We're on a mission to empower gaming and app companies with the financial tools and products that help them build financially healthy and sustainable businesses. We believe that the right team and the right culture are some of the most important pieces to make it happen!

🚀 Our Mission

We exist because every gaming and app company with great products should have access to advice and capital that they need to grow.

Our mission is to meaningfully increase the success rate and profitability levels of the mobile games and app economy.

Too often, different aspects of a company’s financial health are treated separately - from marketing spend to product-level analytics to cash flow management and planning. That leads to a lack of visibility into financial health and failure to diagnose and address financially linked problems. Gaming and app economy is growing and has its unique characteristics and challenges that deserve its own suite of financial services. We are building that.

🧞 What it's like to work at Sanlo

We're a young company, so you'll have an opportunity to shape not just our product, but how we work together. While we take pride in helping creators grow and succeed, connecting with and motivating each other is just as important. A small (yet growing) team, we truly enjoy creating and innovating together, and find joy in our workday! Here at Sanlo, we operate with a set of core values that help guide our intentions and interactions:

🌱 Always growing

We’re on this journey together; we suspend our egos and share feedback with respect and collaboration. We encourage asking questions and know that together, we’ll figure things out; we trust that a rate of improvement has compounding results.

🏃🏾 Spirit of a champion

We have a bias to action and move with urgency. We rise to the occasion.

👷‍♀️ Ownership

Each of us is building the future of finance for the incredible community of game and app creators. We take pride in our work and go the extra mile, delivering exceptional results with humility and integrity that excites us.

🌬️ Embracing the change

We work in a rapidly changing world, so we think our core job is to learn and enjoy the journey.

❤️ Authenticity

We aim to be ourselves and be respectful to others, and believe those aren’t mutually exclusive.

🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏼 Community

We care about and make friends with the people we work with, building genuine, lasting connections. Creating a culture filled with joy and togetherness is important to us, and we encourage finding ways to cultivate connection.

🏐 Team

Our team has experience working in the worlds of gaming, consumer tech, and fintech. Though Sanlo was founded in late 2020, we’ve spent the last decade living through the challenges we’re now addressing for our customers. Our backgrounds are from Sony PlayStation, Electronic Arts, TinyCo, Kongregate, Facebook, Capital One, Divvy, Lending Club, Earnest, Branch International, SigFig, and UBS.

We’re backed by respected investors in both fintech and gaming.

As a remote-first team, we’re headquartered in sunny San Francisco ☀️ and sprinkled throughout the world.

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Copyright © 2022 Sanlo
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Copyright © 2022 Sanlo
Made with ❤️ across the Globe