The resurgence of web games with CrazyGames and Bloxd

Mar 5, 2024

In this episode of Story Mode by Sanlo, our host Olya Caliujnaia talks with Rafael Morgan, VP of Marketing & Partnerships at Crazy Games, and Arthur Baker, Founder of Bloxd, about the rising popularity of web-based games.

They discuss the rise in popularity of web games and the macros trends driving that resurgence. They cover the unique playing behaviors seen across web games, as well as the unique benefits that web games provide to game developers. Rafael touches on why more and more developers are entering the web gaming space and the revenue and growth opportunities that the platform offers. Arthur discusses why he decided to focus on web games for his first gaming startup and the shorter development cycle requirements and how he built a very successful game with a lean team. The conversation also covers the basics of user monetization, monetization, and game discovery in the web space.