Creating a sustainable game studio in India, while building games for western markets with Nukebox Games

Jan 4, 2024

On this episode of Story Mode, the weekly interview series featuring the compelling narratives of the people who shape the world of video games, we talk to Biplove Belwal, Founder of Nukebox Studios.

In this insightful episode of Story Mode, Biplove Belwal, the founder of Nukebox Studios, shares the remarkable story behind the studio's inception and its evolution into one of India's top gaming studios. From navigating the challenges of building a gaming company in India to decoding the secrets of crafting engaging games for Western audiences, Biplove provides invaluable insights into the world of gaming entrepreneurship. With a focus on creating games tailored to the preferences of casual women gamers in Western markets, Nukebox Studios continues to redefine the gaming landscape. Join us as we unravel the inspiring journey of Nukebox Studios and its relentless pursuit of excellence in the dynamic realm of gaming from the unique Indian market.

About Biplove Belwal:

In 2010, He founded Nukebox Studios, India's top gaming studio, which is self-funded, profitable and acclaimed. Nukebox specializes in skill-based, casual mobile games for global women audiences with self-published hits like 'Food Truck Chef' and 'SpongeBob Krusty Kickoff.' Before Nukebox, he spent over a decade at the Global Leadership Council at BroadVision, where he managed the APAC region. Over his career, he’s worked with brands like Starbucks, Credit Suisse AG, Verifone, and many others. And in the early 2000s, he worked to bring e-commerce to India with companies like Indian Railways and State Bank of India.

In this episode, you'll learn about:

01:12 - The Nukebox Studios founding team and how they came to start their gaming studio in India back in 2010.

03:57 - Why many said that building a successful mobile game studio in India couldn’t be done.

06:15 - The gaming talent landscape in India and what has changed over the last 14 years.

09:26 - Nukebox’s talent structure and how they approach training, culture, management and mentorship.

12:03 - The type of games Nukebox builds and their focus on casual female players and its impact on game design.

14:15 - The reasons why Nukebox builds games in India for western audiences, opposed to building games for India’s growing mobile game market.

17:51 - What it’s like to run a gaming studio in India and how it has changed since 2010.

19:55 - Nukebox’s journey as a fully bootstrapped gaming studio and how they’ve been able to sustain their business for over a decade.

25:29 - Biplove’s excitement around the gaming industry and its purpose of giving people joy and happiness, including the next generation of game creators.