Key ingredients for a sustaining success for 30+ years as a games studio with Stainless Games

Nov 9, 2023

In this episode of Story Mode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Patrick Buckland, CEO and founder of Stainless Games, a veteran in the gaming industry with over 40 years of experience. Patrick highlights the importance of quality, resilience, and reputation.

Patrick shares insights into his early days in the industry, fueled by his passion for electronics and coding. He recounts the challenges and triumphs of running a gaming studio, emphasizing the importance of reputation, timely delivery, and quality in building a self-sustaining business. Reflecting on the evolving landscape of the gaming industry, Patrick discusses the impact of new business models, such as subscription services and booster pack purchases. He highlights the resurgence of core gameplay experiences and expressed optimism about the potential for developers to thrive while delivering value to consumers.

About Patrick Buckland

Patrick has over 40 years of experience in the gaming industry. He published his first game in 1982 and never looked back. Shortly after, he founded Stainless Games, where he's built over 60 video games including the Carmageddon franchise, ShockRods, a range of Magic the Gathering titles, and a few tiles for Hasbro like Scrabble and Risk.

What you'll learn in this episode:

00:50 - Patrick's beginning in the gaming industry and the games that inspired him from the start.

02:00 - Patrick's first published game and why every copy was burned in a furnace!

03:21 - How Patrick has been able to sustain a successful video games company for 30+ years without taking any external investment.

04:33 - The magic formula for continuously delivering games on time and at a high quality

05:48 - How Stainless Games began working with Hasbro

07:40 - Managing headcount in the cyclical gaming world

09:22 - How the last 18 months in the gaming industry compares to the other points in time

11:55 - The things Patrick is looking forward to in the gaming industry

12:20 - The new business models that will shape the future of gaming

13:00 - Patrick’s opinion on unit economics for game developers with platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime